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Illuminate your home with the timeless symbol of faith and devotion with our handcrafted Praying Hands candle. Made with the finest quality paraffin wax, each candle is carefully molded and sculpted to showcase intricate details and a smooth finish. Our skilled artisans take great pride in creating each candle by hand, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality. Whether used for prayer, meditation, or simply as a decorative accent, this beautiful candle is a meaningful addition to any space. Bring the warmth and light of this sacred symbol into your home with our exquisite Praying Hands candle.

Praying Hands

  • Available in:
    Turquoise - Ylang Ylang fragrance
    Light Stone - Sandalwood
    Black - Black Rose fragrance

    Height: 8cm
    Width:  3cm
    Depth:  3cm

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