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Introducing our unique Skull, Cloak, and Bowl Candle - a hauntingly beautiful addition to any home. Handmade with care and attention to detail, this mesmerizing candle is made from high-quality paraffin wax, ensuring a clean and even burn. The skull-shaped design creates a spooky yet elegant ambiance, while the flowing cloak and bowl add an extra touch of mystery. Whether you're looking to add a touch of darkness to your décor or simply love unique candles, this is the perfect choice. Light up your space with the flickering glow of this stunning and unforgettable candle.

Skull, Cloak and Bowl Candle

  • Available in:
    Turquoise - Ylang Ylang fragrance
    Light Stone - Sandalwood
    Black - Black Rose fragrance

    Height: 9cm
    Width:  3.5cm
    Depth:  5cm

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