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Introducing our beautifully crafted Small Christmas Tree candle, perfect for adding a festive touch to any room during the holiday season. Handmade with care using high-quality paraffin wax, this candle is designed to evoke the joy and warmth of Christmas time. With its charming tree shape and intricate details, it makes for a lovely addition to your holiday decor or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. The gentle glow of the flame will fill your home with a cozy ambiance, creating a magical atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends. Bring the spirit of the season into your home with this delightful Small Christmas Tree candle.

Small Christmas Tree

  • Available in:
    Turquoise - Ylang Ylang fragrance
    Light Stone - Sandalwood
    Black - Black Rose fragrance

    Height: 6cm
    Width:  5cm
    Depth:  5cm

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